Again? Or better not?

An inspiring, creative Prolight 2024 with a strong international audience is over and we all had to catch our breath.
We would like to thank everyone who visited us and with whom we were able to have interesting, constructive and sometimes very personal conversations.

Prolight versus Showtech versus ISE?

Many of the exhibitors we spoke to were not quite as enthusiastic as in previous years. The topic of Prolight versus Showtech versus ISE was omnipresent. Many exhibitors are wavering and are in the middle of a decision-making process as to where the available resources can be optimally utilised.
Our stand was very well attended, more would not have been possible (except on the last day of the fair).  Over 60% of our visitors came from abroad, most of them from Europe. We had very promising discussions with customers and those who want to become customers. The trade fair was therefore a complete success for us and we will continue to come to Frankfurt as long as this remains the case.
However, it was noticeable that some of the “usual suspects” did not come to Frankfurt this year because they would rather visit Showtech in Berlin next year.
The reasons for this are clear. It’s all very cosy there, you know almost everyone straight away, you’re among yourselves and can network well. Understandable reasons for the visitors and the exhibitors naturally follow suit.
On the other hand, Showtech will probably never achieve the internationality that is traditionally present at Prolight. This is certainly also due to the concentration on the theatre sector and less on the event technology sector. However, I personally think that in the medium and long term, greater internationality and the opportunity to look beyond one’s own theatre world are also important factors.
What is certain is that the two trade fairs are competing with each other for potential visitors and exhibitors.
There is a danger that, in the end, neither event will survive in the increasingly difficult environment.

The laughing third party?

In this case, the laughing third party would be ISE. Then everyone who can afford it or likes it will travel to Barcelona every year.
That would be a disaster for the German theatre world. If the technical management of the major theatres in Germany can probably still manage to travel to Barcelona every year, this would be the end of the line for the medium-sized and smaller theatres as well as for the subordinate levels. This would mean that the flow of information from the trade fairs to the theatre world would degenerate into a trickle.

Nobody can want that!

From our point of view, there is only one way to stand up to ISE in the medium term.
Prolight and Showtech must merge into ONE event. Then the capacities will be bundled and we will have a trade fair in Germany with future potential that is likely to survive, at least in the medium term.
I spoke to some people at Prolight who have a similar view and would like to take this opportunity to encourage them to form an opinion on the subject and communicate it.

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