Mecanum Scenery Wagon


Mecanum Bühnenwagen

MEC|Plus Basic Module Master 

  • Dimension: 1,0 x 1,0 x 0,2 m without covering plate
  • Total height with covering plate: 0,224 m
  • Maximum payload: 1,0 t
  • Drag load / Pushing load maximum: 1,5 t
  • Dead weight: approx. 100 kg
  • Coupling capability (master-slave): max. 8 units
  • Axis shifting: yes
  • Combination with Ventum-S system frames: yes
  • Combination with Ventum-S system insertion trolley passive: yes
  • CAN bus/PROFINET interface: yes / optional

Where does it come from?

The MEC|Plus is based on the MEC|Standard. Motors, wheels, axles, gearbox, enclosure frame as well as the external dimensions and permissible loads are identical to those of the MEC|Standard. 
Just like the MEC|Standard, the MEC|Plus is used in industry in a very similar configuration in tough 24/7 continuous operation.

What is the difference to the MEC|Standard?

In contrast to the MEC|Standard, the MEC|Plus offers the possibility to communicate with its external world via an additional on-board computer and by means of the integrated CAN bus interface (expandable to PROFINET). It can receive and process signals via this interface, issue commands or be programmed via the interface (e.g. for autonomous driving). It can communicate with a wide variety of sensors and respond to the signals it receives. 
In contrast to the MEC|Standard, the basic settings are not made by means of a wired parameterization unit, but by means of a WLAN-capable computer, a tablet or a cell phone. This applies, for example, to shifting the center of rotation, changing the acceleration ramps or the necessary settings for an axis separation.

In contrast to the MEC|Standard, the possibilities for error detection/troubleshooting via a remote connection with one of our technicians are considerably extended. 

For whom is the MEC|Plus the right product?

The MEC|Plus is the first choice for all those who, in addition to the extensive features already offered by the MEC|Standard, want to use the extended possibilities of the MEC|Plus. The CAN bus interface opens up completely new horizons and application variants.
Anyone who places particular value on future-proofing, maximum possibilities and flexibility has come to the right place.

Since when has the MEC|Plus been used on stage?

The MEC|Plus was presented to the public for the first time in 2023 at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. Prior to that, two prototypes were successfully used for testing in 2022 at the Residenztheater in Munich, where they are still in use today.

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