Building inclined planes on stages was, and still is, a recurring theme.

With our universal slope adapters, we are expanding our modular system and opening up a new level of freedom for the user in the building of inclined planes.

What is the principle of the Universal Slope Adapter?

In our Universal Slope Adapter, the principle of the “jack” and the principle of the “playground seesaw” have been combined into one innovative product.

The height adjustability together with the attached rocker as a support for our system bridges allow inclined levels in the range of 0° to +/- 20° to be created quickly, safely and in a way that conserves resources.

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For whom is the Universal Slope Adapter suitable?

Our universal Slope Adapter is suitable for everyone who wants to create a sloping plane on a stage quickly and easily.

You are not yet sure if you need a slope of 13° or 17° or something in between? Never mind! First set up your inclined plane roughly and then adjust it easily.

Today you need a ramp with 5°, tomorrow an inclined plane of 12° and the day after tomorrow a plane with a final height of exactly 72.8 cm? Everything is easy and uncomplicated.

You are already a user of the VENTUM-S modular system? Perfect! You probably already have the basic elements (panels and frames) in your house and only need the right number of slope adapters.

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