Why lifting device?

The VENTUM-S lifting device is a suitable means of moving structures and then safely securing them.

What is the principle of the VENTUM-S lifting device?

A construction can be lifted, moved and lowered again. After the travel process, the construction stands safely and firmly on the ground.
The moving/lifting elements are completely retracted into the construction and no longer have any contact with the ground. Additional locking devices are not required. Our lifting device is therefore also suitable for sloping stages, for example.

What is the VENTUM-S lifting device suitable for?

Our lifting device is predestined for movable constructions where the payload is significantly higher than the dead weight.
A typical example of this are, for example, grandstands that stand safely and firmly on the ground when loaded (with an audience) and can be moved quickly and safely when unloaded (without an audience).

By lowering the construction, no visible driving gap remains, which is certainly advantageous from an aesthetic point of view.

Alternatively, the construction can be set down on fixed castors in order to move it easily and safely in a chosen direction. Later, you can freely move your construction in the jacked-up state for assembly and disassembly.

Lifting device

How does the VENTUM-S lifting device differ from similar products?

  • We have an electrically operated system (battery-based), which has relevant advantages especially compared to the widely used pneumatic systems.  The advantages of our electric lifting system are listed below.
  • Synchronous lifting process – the lifting process takes place in absolute synchronism, even if the individual rollers are loaded with different weights.
  • Lifting force is 500 kg per roller – this results in a lifting load of 2000 kg with 4 rollers. If a higher lifting capacity is required, it can be extended as required in the master-slave system.
  • Lifting height 30 mm – to compensate for unevenness in stage floors and deflection of the construction.
  • Flat design – 141 mm when retracted – so the wheel fits into the classic step of 167 mm.

  • 100 mm diameter rolls – to safely drive over crevices and edges in the stage floor.

  • Easy, quick assembly – fits perfectly into our Ventum-S system frame and is fixed by only two screws with wing nuts. The battery and control unit are also mounted and dismounted easily and quickly using two quick-release clamps.

  • Removal possible in a lowered state – if, for example, a grandstand is to be left at one location for several days, the lifting equipment can be removed in a lowered state and used in another construction.

  • Charging of the batteries with a standard 24V charger – one battery charge is sufficient for 4 castors for considerably more than 30 lifting operations under full load.

  • Neutrik cable plug connections between the control unit and the drives.

What is the difference to the VENTUM-S locking device?

In contrast to the lifting device, the construction is not lifted with the locking device, but locked on the platform floor by means of 4 electrically extendable steel plungers.

The construction remains standing on the rollers during the locking process. All horizontal forces that occur are absorbed by the steel rams. This has limits, of course. For example, it is certainly not advisable (and definitely forbidden) to try to lock a grandstand with an audience in this way. The VENTUM-S lifting device is suitable for such tasks.

On the other hand, the VENTUM-S locking device offers a simple way of fixing, for example, a piece of furniture that has been rolled onto the stage in such a way that it can be performed safely. The locking device is invisible to the audience, the movement gap remains unchanged.

The locking device is operated via a radio remote control.

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