We offer you electrically-powered revolving stage, which are ideally suitable for use in tough environments on stages, at trade fairs, in car showrooms or for everyday life during concert tours. They enable you to easily cope with constant setup and dismantling operations at different places in a wide variety of general conditions.

Using our mobile, modular rotating platforms, you also obtain maximum flexibility when it comes to size, load-bearing capacity, drive technology and controls. Arrange an appointment now for a demonstration of our turntable stage!



You receive from us a turntable stage system that you can use to move stage equipment, stage sets, stage elements, stage structures, individual persons and even whole choirs. Do you have any questions? Then arrange an appointment for a demonstration now – it does not commit you to anything!


The electric rotating turntables platforms from Ventum-S are used in theatres as permanently installed or temporary mobile units. The modular structure allows you to use a theatre revolving stage with different diameters. The aluminium design fully exploits the benefits of its lightweight structure on rehearsal stages, as a turntable stage for tours or a concert revolving stage.


When used as a TV revolving stage, it is possible to handle individual radii in the TV studios very quickly depending on what is required. Rapid conversion times, maximum flexibility and smooth running qualities make the TV revolving stage a reliable support. A rotating TV turntable stage from Ventum-S ensures that you have the greatest possible number of setup options for different projects.


Our turntables with their lightweight aluminium design, which means low transport volumes and weight, are also ideal for use at exhibitions. Efficient designs allow the units to be ideally adapted to your trade fair revolving stage needs.


Do you wish to present vehicles? Our electric rotating platform for cars are highly valued for their long serviceable life and smooth running qualities. The high degree of individual options for project requirements and the robust structure guarantee the best possible presentation of the vehicle.




  • Design:
    Structure with rotating rings, which can be used individually or in combination.

  • Overall height:
    166 mm or 200 mm including 24 mm floor panels. Special dimensions are possible.

  • Static load-bearing capacity:
    250 kg/m2, optionally 500 kg/m2. Special designs are possible.

  • Dynamic load-bearing capacity:
    Depends on the number of motors used and the diameter of the design.

  • Largest single element:
    Approx. 1m x 2m x 0.141m.

  • Weight:
    Approx. 11 kg/m2 for the aluminium structure and approx. 16 kg/m2 for the 24 mm plywood panel. Alternative panels are possible.

  • Special designs:
    We can offer special dimensions for adjusting the size of the units if you wish. Each revolving platform can be individually designed in terms of its load-bearing capacity, installation height, size adjustment and operations.



  • Flexible:
    VENTUM-S revolving stages are the perfect tool for turning movements with small or large loads. They can be used as mobile, electric rotating platform, as revolving stages for theatre scenery, as car, truck or motorbike turntable stages, as trade fair rotating stage platforms, at car dealerships or as outdoor revolving stages – e.g. for open-air stages. You therefore obtain unique flexibility and the best possible amortisation for your investment.

  • Fast:
    Our revolving stages are always modular turntable stage systems. Just one or two people can set up the unit. The consistent use of lightweight aluminium minimises transport volumes and transport costs. As a result of using standard turntable drives, which are attached on the outside, and the ring-shaped design, we are able to design an 8 m turntable, for example, in such a way that it can also be used as a 6 m or 4 m unit.

  • Long-lasting:
    Our revolving platforms and the associated control and drive technology easily last for 20 years and more. As a result of the high product consistency, we are still able to supply spare parts for our first electric drive and control systems, which are almost 20 years old.



Our revolving stages are used at companies like MDR (German regional broadcaster), the Residenztheater in Munich, the Prinzregenttheater in Munich, the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Wolfsburg Theatre, the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna and at many other establishments in Germany and Europe. If you are interested, arrange an appointment for a demonstration with us now – it does not commit you to anything!

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