Praktikabel structural elements for stages, which are traditionally made of wood, have been THE basis for many types of stage structures from time immemorial. Are you getting on well with your wood versions? We can promise you: it is possible to make things better – very much better.

Our stage Praktikabel structural elements are made of aluminium and are therefore lightweight items in comparison with traditional wood structures. Make use of our flexible aluminium Praktikabel structural elements for stage construction work and benefit from these foldable, tough and robust spatial construction elements!

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Our aluminium Praktikabel structural elements for stages are:

  • foldable so that you can make ideal use of storage areas and transport space
  • extremely light and therefore easy to transport and assemble
  • very rigid for safe structures according to the load table
  • unparalleled in their robust nature with a serviceable life of more than 20 years

The end-to-end rows of holes in the sections allow the Praktikabel structural elements to be connected next to and above each other without any tools and they particularly meet the static requirements. This also provides the system interface for various accessories like the stage steps and step structural elements, but particularly our Ventum-S system bridge structural elements.
This creates unrivalled flexibility, static leeway and simple solutions, instead of complicated special structures.


The Ventum-S Praktikabel structural elements for stage construction have a lightweight aluminium design that is suitable for structures that have the correct statics. Our Praktikabel structural elements are available in different lengths, widths and heights. Individual dimensions or special modifications are possible too. The Ventum-S Praktikabel structural elements are suitable both for use as a purely Praktikabel system and also in combination with the Ventum-S system bridge structural elements. Their compatibility with stage steps, step structural elements, safety rails, mechanical drive systems, electrical locking devices and system plug-in feet extend their range of use even more.

Treat yourself to the freedom that these units offer!


The Ventum-S stage Praktikabel structural elements are manufactured by certified employees using a high-performance welding process at our company headquarters in Dresden. All the weld seams are subject to precise output checks. We have the relevant certificates for all the materials used. Our employees are regularly assessed and have the necessary certificates.
The quality and robustness of our Praktikabel structural elements for stages are extremely high.
The components have a serviceable life of 20 years or more – despite tough daily use.

Do not be satisfied with anything less!


Build stages, stands, stage platforms, stage ramps, turntables, scenery wagons and stage sets quickly and safely with our Praktikabel structural elements. You can build outwards, upwards and downwards. Span areas and simply find the load-bearing ratings in the load tables.
Include various accessories like stage stairways, stage steps, plug-in feet and panels in your structures. Combine our Praktikabel structural elements in the modular system with our aluminium bridge structural elements. Combine everything – without the need for any tools.

Achieve new dimensions in functionality!

100% SPEED

Are time pressure, a shortage of storage space, limited manpower resources and financial constraints a daily issue for you? Then our Praktikabel structural elements for stages and theatres can solve your problems…
The opportunity of handling the aluminium Praktikabel structural elements as if they were Lego bricks, the ability to connect units without any tools and the simple-to-use documentation enable you to work extremely quickly and efficiently without any static risks or uncertainties.

Be quicker – much quicker!




  • Praktikabel height:
    0.166 m-2.00 m with 166 mm step height (individual dimensions are possible), height specifications include floor panel measuring 24mm in each case.

  • Praktikabel width:
    0.5 m to 1.0 m (individual dimensions are possible)

  • Praktikabel length:
    0.5 m to 2.0 m in 50 cm increments (individual dimensions are possible)

  • Load-bearing capacity:
    (according to the load table)

  • Connections:
    Lengthwise, transversely, on top of each other.

  • Weight (examples):
    Praktikabel 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 2 m = 14.1 kg (aluminium)
    Praktikabel 1 m x 1 m x 1 m = 16.7 kg (aluminium)
    Praktikabel 2 m x 1 m x 2 m = 24.4 kg (aluminium)

  • Other features:
    Possible to use them with Ventum-S system bridge structural elements in the VENTUM-S modular system.



The Ventum-S modular system is the only system in the market place that combines stage Praktikabel structural elements and stage bridge structural elements in ONE compatible system. This provides an exponential increase in opportunities for usage. Even sophisticated stage structures can be handled with a pool of parts, once you have them (see example above). Special structures can often be handled in a simpler manner; this also saves resources because most of the work can be completed by using the standard components that you already have.

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