Mecanum Bühnenwagen


Bühnenwagen Mecanum

MEC|Standard Basic Module Master

  • Dimension: 1,0 x 1,0 x 0,2 m without covering plate
  • Total height with covering plate: 0,224 m
  • Maximum payload: 1,0 t
  • Drag load / Pushing load maximum: 1,5 t
  • Dead weight: approx. 100 kg
  • Coupling capability (master-slave): max. 8 Einheiten
  • Axis shifting: yes
  • Combination with Ventum-S system framesyes
  • Combination with Ventum-S system insertion trolley passive: yes
  • CAN bus/PROFINET interface: no

Where does it come from?

The MEC|Standard has its origin in the industry, where it exists in a very similar configuration in hard continuous use. 

Since when has the MEC|Standard been used on stage?

Some adaptations in hardware and software turned the successful industrial product into THE „Swiss Army Knife“ for driving movements on stage. Since its introduction in 2017, the MEC|Standard has been continuously optimized and adapted to the conditions on stage and in event technology. 

For whom is the MEC|Standard the right product?

The MEC|Standard is the workhorse of the family. Tough, easy to use, optimized again and again over the years, and ideally equipped for all tasks that arise in daily operation. It already has all the essential functions, such as coupling several basic modules, shifting the center of rotation, the option of axis separation, and much more. 

It is also very important for the flexible usage that the MEC|Standard as well as the MEC|Plus are part of our platform construction kit. By using our system frames as well as the corresponding passive insertion carriages, you can reconfigure your driving surfaces lego-like in different dimensions again and again. 

If you prefer a highly flexible, solid, easy-to-operate and cost-conscious variant and do not need any communication with external devices/sensors, this is the right choice for you.

Mecanum Bühnenwagen
Bühnenwagen Mecanum
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