Mecanum Stage Wagon

Our Mecanum system has now been established on the market for around 6 years.
During these 6 years, the system has been continuously optimized and now boasts outstanding maturity, user-friendliness and reliability.
Our Mecanum stage wagon has now become a whole Mecanum family with variants for many requirements.

Find out here which stage wagon version is right for you.



The MEC|Standard is the workhorse of the family.
Robust, easy to use, continuously optimized over the years and well equipped for all tasks arising in daily operation.


 In contrast to the MEC|Standard, the MEC|Plus offers the option of communicating with the outside world via an additional on-board computer and using the integrated CAN bus interface (can be expanded to PROFINET).


The MEC|Large is always the right choice when the loads to be moved can no longer be sensibly handled with the “little brothers” MEC|Standard and MEC|Plus.


The MEC|Large|PROJECT was designed as a kit for industry. With it, special projects with e.g. B. more than 2 axles, more than 4 wheels, or be implemented with wheels at freely selectable positions.
You can find out more about the justification for this product in the theater and event sector here.

This is how MEC|Standard and MEC|Plus work in the Ventum-S modular system

Mecanum Scenery Wagon
Mecanum Scenery Wagon
2 x Mecanum basic module synchronized

Both, the MEC|Standard and the MEC|Plus are part of our VENTUM-S modular system.

By incorporating our system frames with the associated passive turtle insertion carriages, you can create different driving platforms which can be adepted to your specific requirements.

This means that platforms with dimensions of 1 x 1 m consisting of a single MEC module can be created up to platform sizes of, for example, 12 x 18 m with 8 MEC modules.

Since both, the MEC|Standard and the MEC|Plus allow you to offset the axes, you can also move and rotate constructions that are very long and narrow in a optimally way. 

Are you unsure which MEC variant is right for you?

Call us or send us an e-mail. We will go through your requirements point by point with you and will be happy to support you in the decision-making process. 

You can reach us at 0151/16551820 or at

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