Dear customers, partners and friends,

the year 2023 was an exciting one.

We developed new products, brought others to market, held workshops here in Dresden and in theaters, attended trade fairs and events, made new contacts and cultivated old friendships.

Time to look back on the past year with you.

Have fun with our Rewind 2023!
Klaus Huber and team

Sometimes things turn out differently than you think.
We learned at our workshop in Prague that this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Friendly encounters, concentrated work and the great organization by our sales partner led to an impressive result.

Prolight and Sound 2023 was a great success for us.
We received a lot of interest with our newly presented product prototypes and can proudly announce that we were able to turn all of these things, which were still in development at the time, into marketable products or are about to do so.

We will definitely remember our trip to Helsinki, where we held several workshops.
We got to know some very nice people there for the first time and maintained friendly contacts that had existed for many years.
We were also impressed by Helsinki itself and it certainly wasn’t the last time we were there.

In 2023, we once again held various workshops at our location in Dresden or directly at interested theaters.
The workshops have established themselves as an important tool to give participants access to the Ventum-S system world.

Families grow, expand and develop. This is also the case with our MECANUM family.
When we presented the Mecanum system to the world of theater and event technology for the first time in 2018, there was only one variant. This one product has now grown into four different. Mecanum configurations that focus on different aspects and have been optimized for different applications.
From the “workhorse MEC Standard” to the smart “MEC Plus” the heavy-duty “MEC Large” to the flexible “MEC Large Project” the system offers the perfect solution for every conceivable task.

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