Ventum-S Bühnentchnik

Prolight and Sound 2023 in Frankfurt is history. (A very good one for us 😊).

For us a very successful fair with many new and old contacts. We were particularly pleased with the great interest in our new products, some of which are still prototypes, but which obviously struck a chord with our visitors.

You will find a short clip on each of these new products (panel lock, bridge connector, lightweight panel and modular staircase) below. We will inform you about the further progress as soon as possible.

At present, there are two trade fairs in Germany that have a large overlap on the customer side. The question therefore arises:

Prolight and Sound or Showtech?

In 2023 we will try both! We are looking forward to Showtech, to Berlin, to the party that goes with the fair and to you.
Where the journey will take us and what significance Showtech will have remains to be seen. I hope to see you in Berlin.

Our new Lightweight Panel

Our new System Construction Staircase

Our new Bridge Connector and Panel Lock

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