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Dear customers, partners and friends,

Our next workshop will take place in Dresden on 24 November.

In addition to the familiar topics (turntable, stage system and Mecanum stage wagon), this time our new developments, lifting equipment and slope adapters, will also be the subject of the workshop.
We are looking forward to organising a special day together with you and to giving you a deep insight into our product system.

In the following subsection you will find information on the workshop schedule as well as a registration form. You are also welcome to register by telephone.

In the other sub-items you will find comprehensive information on the individual workshop topics.

Best regards from Dresden,
Your Klaus Huber and team.

Alu Bühnensystem


The VENTUM-S lifting device is a suitable means of moving structures and then safely securing them.
A construction can be lifted, moved and lowered again. After the travel process, the construction stands safely and firmly on the ground.
The moving/lifting elements are completely retracted into the construction and no longer have any contact with the ground. Additional locking devices are not required. Our lifting device is therefore also suitable for sloping stages, for example.ahren und haben keinen Bodenkontakt mehr. Zusätzliche Arretierungen sind nicht erforderlich. Unsere Hebeeinrichtung eignet sich somit auch z. B. für Bühnenschrägen.

Bühnentechnik Baukasten


Building inclined planes on stages was, and still is, a recurring theme.
With our universal slope adapters, we are expanding our modular system and opening up a new level of freedom for the user in the building of inclined planes.
In our Universal Slope Adapter, the principle of the “jack” and the principle of the “playground seesaw” have been combined into one innovative product. The height adjustability together with the attached rocker as a support for our system bridges allow inclined levels in the range of 0° to +/- 20° to be created quickly, safely and in a way that conserves resources.



Are you looking for ONE system for:
stage installations, stages, spectator stands and technical stage sets, constructing trade fair stands, multi-storey designs where people can walk, camera and lighting towers, ramps, stairways and stairway equipment, ceilings, three-dimensional lighting elements, illuminated fabric walls…
The modular system components and component families can be combined with each other in a variety of ways and therefore create a variety of solutions; the basic equipment consists of many parts.

Mecanum Bühnenwagen


Our Mecanum scenery wagon provides a completely new dimension for moving stage elements and stage equipment to create a fantastic stage set. Regardless of whether this involves stage technology, stage structures , freely movable stage turntables, individual persons or whole choirs, you can move everything reliably, safely and with outstanding precision to exactly the position that you would like.
We have designed the motorized Mecanum stage wagon as a universal multi-faceted tool. It is easy to operate and the high-quality components guarantee reliable and precise operations for your stage equipment, even if the unit is in permanent use.


We offer you electrically-powered revolving stage, which are ideally suitable for use in tough environments on stages, at trade fairs, in car showrooms or for everyday life during concert tours. They enable you to easily cope with constant setup and dismantling operations at different places in a wide variety of general conditions.
Using our mobile, modular rotating platforms, you also obtain maximum flexibility when it comes to size, load-bearing capacity, drive technology and controls. Arrange an appointment now for a demonstration of our turntable stage!

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