Dear customers, partners, friends,

today we would like to introduce a newly developed turntable with integrated lifting platforms.

The turntable and the lifting platforms are freely programmable. The system can either be operated via the corresponding control system or it can be integrated into the existing house control system.

The structure can be disassembled for transport and is thus suitable for variable use in addition to fixed installation.

For example, the lifting platforms can also be used outside the turntable.

The component design also makes it possible to use the turntable initially without a lift or with a reduced number of lifts and to retrofit the lifting platforms later.

The diameter as well as the number of rotating rings and lifts are freely configurable

Let yourself be inspired by the dance of the disc.

Viel Spaß wünscht Ihnen 

Klaus Huber
und das Team von VENTUM-S

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