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Ventum-S newsletter February 4, 2021

Dear customers, partners and friends,
Leaps in development like our Mecaum-powered stage wagons are always groundbreaking, spectacular and have what it takes to change the way things are done in certain areas forever. The attention of the audience is certain, there is amazement and cheering, and of course all this has its justification.

Apart from this attention, however, it is much more often the small things that bring us forward. Optimising something here and there, eliminating shortcomings, readjusting objectives. A continuous critical look at the product and the will to keep on perfecting it result in an ever better tool.

Our revolving disc drive has existed in its current form for about 20 years. In the course of this time, for example, the guidance of the drive belt has been revised, the pressure mimic has been optimised, the asynchronous motor has been replaced by a servo motor, the gearbox has been noise-optimised and an optional positioning control has been developed.

The current optimisation concerns the previously installed spring-loaded tensioners of the drive chain, which have been replaced by an alternative tensioning device.

This results in even less noise and the positioning accuracy is increased due to the tighter guided drive chain. This is again only a small step. 

In sum with the preceding development steps, a product is created that has developed real perfection and of which we are proud.

For the sake of completeness, one last detail:
For our rotary actuators from the year 2000 onwards, spare parts are available without restriction.
Mostly it is the small things that bring us forward.

Klaus Huber
and the Ventum-S team

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