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Sometimes questions about the application arise only in the course of time or in the case of special requirements. Should this ever be the case, we are always ready to clarify these questions and, if necessary, to work out solutions together with you.

In this specific case, the Senftenberg Theater is using one of our Mecanum stage wagons on a rental basis of several months.

Last week, due to a special requirement of a theater performance, we conducted a supplementary training and clarified the last remaining questions.

The training was of course carried out in compliance with the distance rules and with mouth protection. This proves that workshops and training in a suitable setting are also possible and useful at the moment.

The Theater Senftenberg likes our Mecanum stage wagon so much that they are currently considering purchasing a new one after the lease expires, which we are of course very happy about.

We all spend many hours a day in the office, at work or in the home office.
In the indoor air, as long as people work there, the number of germs, viruses and bacteria increases steadily during the working day.
Right now, as long as Corona keeps us busy, this is a big problem for which we want to offer a solution.

Air filtration devices?

Filter devices were not in our focus from the beginning. The filter performance decreases too quickly, the filters have to be cleaned or replaced, and the units are usually quite large.

The principle of killing germs by means of UV-C light seemed more promising to us right from the start.

UV-C light!

UV-C light, also called ultraviolet light, is part of the natural light spectrum. It destroys the genetic material of viruses, bacteria and fungi by its short-wave radiation of 254 nm. The method has been used successfully for many years for the purification of drinking water, air purification in airports, etc.

The functional principle is impressively simple and allows safe, economical and easily manageable operation.


On this basis, the goal was clearly defined.
What we needed was a small, flexible solution – 
one that is easy to integrate, requires no construction work, and needs no maintenance. In addition, the whole thing should also remain within the price range.


Goodbye thick air!!!

I am pleased to be able to offer a convincing solution here that meets all of these requirements.

The STERILON device has a footprint of just 14 x 14 cm and is connected to the normal 230 V domestic power supply via a plug. The low height of 68 cm ensures that the device is no higher than your desk or the dressing table in the artists’ cloakrooms.

Placed on the floor, it can be placed anywhere in the room, in a corner of the room or right next to a desk. Thanks to its restrained design, it can be integrated very well into an existing office environment.

The air throughput is up to 160 m per hour. The air is led past the UV-C lamps inside and is disinfected in the process.

It thus effectively protects you and your employees from coranaviruses and bacteria and helps us all to defeat the pandemic.

Technical Data

  • Mode of action: disinfection by UV-C light
  • Air flow rate: 110 m(recommended), in turbo mode 160 m3/hour
  • Recommended room volume: 60 m3 (several devices in one room possible)
  • Dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm x 68 cm (L x W x H)
  • Light source: 2 pcs. 36 W
  • Power consumption: 87 W
  • Lifetime: 9,000 hours (illuminant)
  • Operating hours display:
  • After expiration
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Body: white powder coated, cover plastic gray
  • After the programmed lifetime of the illuminants has expired, the UV-C fluorescent tubes must be replaced and the counter reset.

Prices include shipping within Germany:
(Shipping costs to foreign countries according to expenditure)

  • 1 piece: 980,00 € plus VAT.
  • From 5 pieces: 799,00 € plus VAT.
  • From 10 pieces: 750,00 € plus VAT.
  • From 25 pieces: 720,00 € plus VAT.

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