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We are pleased that we have received a large number of inquiries and orders at the end of this year. 

If your budget allows, now is the opportunity to add to your inventory, to change your system or start using our modular system, to purchase a Mecanum stage wagon or turntable.
This is a good opportunity to complete your inventory, to change the system or to start using our modular system, to purchase a Mecanum stage wagon or a turntable. 

For those who are not yet sure, we offer a free video workshop before Christmas. Here, extensive knowledge about our products is imparted and thus the basis for a well-founded decision is created. 

We accept orders up to and including 31.12.2020 and invoicing can also be done up to this date. 

VENTUM-S at the Orient Express

Comedy at the Kurfürstendamm in the Schiller Theater, Berlin
  • Stage design „Mord im Orientexpress“
  • Bridge length 23 m, heights 3 m Höhe und 3 m Breite
  • Made from 90% standard system components
  • Built under the supervision of Ventum-S

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