Dear customers, partners, friends,
we are looking forward to the year ahead and to working with everyone we know or may get to know in 2022.
At this point, we would like to take a look back at our projects that were important, interesting or extraordinary.

Rotary drive with servo motors and positioning controls

More powerful, quieter and with wideranging programming options – and still fully suitable for touring.

The latest optimization concerns the spring-loaded chain tensioners previously installed, which are replaced by an alternative tensioning device. This results in even less noise and the positioning accuracy is improved due to the tighter guided drive chain.

Revolving stage

Market launch of Corona air filter with UV-C light

UV-C light, also known as ultraviolet light, is part of the natural light spectrum. It destroys the genetic material of viruses, bacteria and fungi through its short-wave radiation of 254 nm.

The method has been used successfully for many years for the purification of drinking water, air purification in airports, etc.


With Mecanum axis and stylized turntable graphic, loose, straight cut, 100% cotton, double stitching, available in sizes M, L and XL

Mecanum Bühnenwagen

Quality from 2nd hand

Our new platform for second hand products is online – for products which are available again for different reasons. Partly we grant the full warranty as for new products, partly other conditions apply.
This always depends on age and condition.

Workshop Stage Technology

Workshops at VENTUM-S

The response to our workshop offers far exceeded our expectations.
Unfortunately, Corona put a spanner in the works last year.
New workshops will be offered in March this year.

Market launch of turntable with lifting platforms

New in the Ventum-S program: a newly developed turntable with integrated lifting platforms.
The revolving platform and the lifting platforms are freely programmable. They can either be operated via the associated control system or the system can be integrated into the existing house control system.

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