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Dear customers, partners and friends,

An economically, socially and politically turbulent year lies behind us. 
A year with a lot of work and great challenges, but also with very nice personal encounters
and a lot of joy in our work.

Looking back, it becomes clear to us what was going on at VENTUM-S in 2022 and what intensity the year developed.
So this retrospective is also valuable for us, especially when we look at it in the context of the rewinds for 2021 and 2020.

Building inclined planes on stages was, and still is, a recurring theme.
With our universal slope adapters, we are expanding our modular system and opening up a new level of freedom for the user in the building of inclined planes.
In our Universal Slope Adapter, the principle of the “jack” and the principle of the “playground seesaw” have been combined into one innovative product.

The height adjustability together with the attached rocker as a support for our system bridges allow inclined levels in the range of 0° to +/- 20° to be created quickly, safely and in a way that conserves resources.

The VENTUM-S lifting device is a suitable means of moving structures and then safely securing them.

What is the principle of the VENTUM-S lifting device?
A construction can be lifted, moved and lowered again. After the travel process, the construction stands safely and firmly on the ground.
The moving/lifting elements are completely retracted into the construction and no longer have any contact with the ground. Additional locking devices are not required. Our lifting device is therefore also suitable for sloping stages, for example.

The topic of sustainability is currently on everyone’s lips and is almost a fad. Much of what is touted under this label is really a step in the right direction, but some is also “greenwashing”.
Nevertheless, the widespread awareness of the issue is definitely positive. Awareness of the problem is growing in almost all social and economic sectors and forms the basis for action in the sense of sustainability.

In many theatres, awareness of sustainable action and sustainable products is already growing. However, there is still a need for action in the creation of stage sets, where the motto “build, play, throw away” is still followed in many places.

Admittedly, we were skeptical. Actually even pessimistic.

Our Mecanum wagons have been used successfully on ice surfaces in the past. At that time, however, the user had stapled “spikes” in the form of hundreds of steel needles into the rollers. This time it should work without any modification.

Interview on the subject of barcodes with Tapio Säkkinen and Kari Mokkila/Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Barcodes??? That was the first time I heard about the use of a barcode system in theatre.
It made me curious and I think the topic could also be interesting for many theatre professionals we are in contact with.
So I am glad that you are willing to share your experiences with us and I hope that we will gain new insights and knowledge.

In April 2022 we successfully took part in the prolight+sound in Frankfurt. This year we found it very difficult to make a decision for or against participating in the trade fair.

prolight+sound 2022 is history. Whether and how prolight+sound will take place in 2023 will certainly depend on the impressions and success of this year’s fair.

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We were very pleased about the lively interest in our workshop in Dresden.

The response was positive, the atmosphere focused and the workshop achieved what it was supposed to, namely a deeper understanding of our products and the associated new possibilities for working on stage.

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As part of the in-house exhibition at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, we held an on-site workshop with the students.

We had a lot of fun together and would like to thank Angelika Winter-Kriseleit and Prof. Ralph Hillbrand for the interest of the students and for the great organization.

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