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since we have been asked about it several times, here, as an Easter egg, is the clip of our very first workshop with the Mecanum stage wagon. The video is still our most elaborate “production” and we also like to watch it from time to time.

Tip: Turn up the volume and let the Russian dubstep!!! that Mr. Eckstein has put under the pictures just take effect. Who does not like something like that at all or anyway just has the blues: The sound is best to turn off completely.

Following this workshop, both the Munich Residenztheater and the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz purchased 2 Mecanum stage wagons each. The Residenztheater then expanded to 3 Mecanum wagons a year later.

In addition to the two theaters mentioned above, our stage wagons are at home in the Paris Opera, the Champs Elysees Theater in Paris, the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, the Kremeltheater in Moscow, the Thaliatheater in Hamburg, and many other venues.

The reasons for the success are certainly manifold and range from the high reliability, the insensitivity to suboptimal surfaces, and the high load capacity to the simple operation and the accuracy of the maneuvers.

However, the most important feature is certainly the possibility to combine the Mecanum basic modules quickly and easily into ever new stage wagon constructions of various shapes and sizes.
For the aforementioned reasons, our Mecanum Stage Wagon has established itself as the standard for drive maneuvers on stage in recent years, which we are very pleased about.

For now we say goodbye over the Easter days. We wish sun for the free days , fun with the family and of course many colorful Easter eggs. We will be back on Tuesday, the 06.04.2021.

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